LoiLoScope cannot be launced nor responding


LoiLoScope worked fine yesterday, but today it does not launch and looks frozen.

The initial screen did not appear or stopped incomplete.


It is very probable Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5sp1 library got damaged. This can be observed typically when you have restored Windows to some checkpoint or you have install/un-install virus security applications.

If re-installing LoiLoScope did not help,please try the following.

1. Delete the folder below and launch LoiLoScope.

(your user name)\Documents\LoiLo\LoiLoScope

Note1: When deleted, projects and backups stored underneath the folder will be lost,
so, you may want to save them prior to this recovery action. 
Note2: Licence File will also be lost, so you need to apply it again.

2. If nothing above did not help improve the situation, you need to re-install .NET Framework 3.5sp1.

Note3: As for Windows 7, .NET Framework 3.5sp1 is integrated in the operating system,
it is required to re-install Windows.