Cannot login to My Page


Recently, I cannot log-in to My Page, please tell me how to get in.


In April, 2013, LoiLo had a server outage and all the customers' password information got lost.
Therefore, we need to inform you that you cannot log-in to LoiLo with the password you have now. 

You are kindly advised to get a password again.

1. Get to LoiLo Log-in site
and click "forget Your Password?”

2. On the "password reissue" screen, you enter your mail address,
and click "Reissue Password".

3. You can find an initial password in your mailbox
or it's in your spam folder in some cases.

** You can change the initial password to your own by getting "edit profile" screen after logging in.

1. Log-in with the initial password.

2. Click "edit profile" on the top left corner of My Page.

3. Enter a new password on "edit profile" screen and click "Save".

4. Click "Accept" on the "edit profile (confirmation)" screen.

Thank you.