Video screen is expanded in size and texts at bottom cannot display


When a video is created on DVD, it is displayed expanded and texts at corners and at bottom are not on the screen.


This is a bug and not fixed even in the latest version of LoiLoScope2
As of Feb. 6, 2013.

(Condition and Root Cause)

When a text is put on the timeline before any other items (videos, pictures, or musics) are placed there.
LoiLoScope2 calculates the display ratio incorrectly, therefore videos are inflated and texts positioned at corners are lost.


1.Write a video on the fixed disk first in the format of MP4 or a like. And then write it to DVD using LoiLoScope2 or any other DVD write applications.

2.Bring all the texts out of the timeline and bring them back to where they were, and burn it to DVD.

3.Do not place a text in a blank timeline, that is, add a test after one of the items (videos, pictures, or musics) at least is placed in the timeline.