How can I use “Other Teachers` Subjects”?


How can I use “Other Teachers` Subjects”?


"Other Teachers’ Subjects” allows you to access subjects of other teachers.

You can use this option when the teacher in charge is absent and you teaches the class on a one-off basis.
You can access materials that have been made by the teacher in charge in the "Materials" Box.

You can also view past tasks set by the teacher in charge as well as answers to tasks submitted by students from the "All" Tunnel (on the tablet) or in the Submission Box (on the web-based interface).
However, you cannot access Notes that the teacher in charge created. The only way to share materials created by one teacher is via the Materials Box.

Note: All these are temporary, so you have to do the same everytime you play a substitute teacher.
If you think there will be some cases you will play a substitute teacher on the subjects, you may consider registering you to the associated subjects. Your school administrator will help you on this.