Slow while editing Timeline


Videos are slow and jumpy while editing


1. First of all, please find if PC's Power Setting was changed to Power Saving Mode for some reason. In this case, the graphic processing performance will be significantly affected and degraded. Please check the current power settings and change it to high performance and also use AC adapter to get the highest performance.

It is also important to know some PC manufacturers has their own Power Control Applications installed in the PC. Sometimes, it's settings has priority over Windows Power settings, so please mind to see if it has its own power control and if it does, you need to change it also to High Performance.

2. Please try to limit a number of folders LoiLo needs to check for possible updates.
You can remove ticks on folders you do not use in the media browser.

Or, simply you can initialize media browser settings to limit to folders under your user.
To do so, you can delete Browser folder manually when LoiLoScope is not running.
C:\Users\(user name)\Documents\LoiLo\LoiLoScope\Browser
Please note this will NOT affect any of your files.

3. If your PC'S spec is rather low, this could happen, but, this is only when you are in edit mode.
The video will play normal once you created a movie.