Cannot log-in to YouTube via LoiLoScope any longer


I used to be able to log-in to YouTube via LoiLoScope,
but recently I cannot log-in with the account and the password I used before.


As YouTube was merged into Google and because of this change, some accounts are not able to log-in to YouTube through LoiLoScope.

1. You cannot use YouTubeID any longer
It is not limited to LoiLoScope that you need to use a Google account (mail address).
YouTubeID is no longer supported by Google.

2. There are cases when you cannot upload videos where you have not created a YouTube channel.
a. Log-in to YouTube with your mail address.
b. Click the account icon on the upper right corner
c. Select YouTube Settings
d. Click Create a Channel and follow instructions to get a channel created.

3. LoiLoScope failed to login to YouTube even if you used a valid Google account.

Some problem has been fixed with Ver, so if you are still at lower levels, it is highly recommended to download this from LoiLo site.

`If you get a mail from Google saying Login Attempt was Blocked, you can follow the instruction below.

When the problem persists, however, you are kindly requested to create your video first on your PC, then upload it without using LoiLoScope.